No absolutely not! My comment was focused more on the fact that while masks are readily available to all, not everyone wears them or wears them properly. In my own personal experience, I have been in areas where mask wearing has been mandated and individuals still choose to not wear them. I have even seen a man remove his mask temporarily to sneeze and then put it back on! There have also been several studies released showing that not all masks do a good job in slowing the spread. Given the fact that public transportation is a rapidly changing environment, with people getting on and then quickly getting off, there is less certainty about the risk of exposure.

My comment was focusing on making public transportation safe for all long term, especially for those depend on it. Ensuring safety is difficult and it is hard to regulate because of how quickly this specific environment changes. I think we will need innovation, coupled with diligent mask wearing by all, to ensure the safety of all using public transportation. Thanks!

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